PBHS 24hr MTB Relay Challenge - 24 Hour Race - Provisional Results

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Race#Name / Team NameClassLapsBest LapOverallClass Pos
223P.I.P Pro's 6 Person Team9400:14:0011
77GROEN SPEKE School Team9300:13:3821
64Beer Pressure 6 Person Team8800:09:3932
96Midstream College Boys School Team8800:14:1432
243Team Progast 4 Person Team8800:13:4431
119AFFIES YOUNG GUNS 4 Person Team8600:14:3462
156PANNEVIS SEXTET 6 Person Team8600:14:0163
58Eduplex Team 1 School Team8100:13:3283
252St John's College #1 School Team8100:14:5783
165TEAM MUTUAL SAFES (MAMBAS) 6 Person Team8000:14:25104
220Over the hill 6 Person Team7900:15:02115
240MADALAS 6 Person Team7900:14:36115
182Rhymes with Punt 6 Person Team7800:14:58137
33Tortoise Racing 6 Person Team7700:14:27148
67AFFIES STYWE SPEKE School Team7600:14:16155
265Hansie JoubertMale7600:13:13151
110Rhymes with Hoes 6 Person Team7400:15:18179
155Recreational Hazard 4 Person Team7300:15:24183
295Die Span 8 Person Team7000:15:15191
189Witbank team 60+ 4 Person Team6900:15:11204
48P.I.P Social 6 Person Team6600:15:552110
206The Stephen ‘s 2 Person Team6600:15:23211
83Aiden Grant CholesMale6500:14:54232
142Going nowhere Slowly 6 Person Team6500:16:142311
117Eduplex Team 2 School Team6400:16:08256
159_.krypt._ 6 Person Team6400:17:292512
269Eduplex Team 3 School Team6300:14:46277
61P.I.P Mixed 6 Person Team6200:15:512813
132Elaine BeytellFemale6000:18:36291
278St John's College #2 School Team5900:18:12308
15Wee Free men 6 Person Team5800:18:093114
147Berries 8 Person Team5800:17:52312
63Nicky BooyensFemale5700:18:20332
160Cran 8 Person Team5700:16:14333
125Hotwheels School Team5100:16:33359
283DM 2 Person Team5000:16:55362
167BOOMSLANG 4 Person Team4700:16:12375
112Great North 2 2 Person Team4300:05:43383
76Claus MeinkeMale3900:19:33393
140Trapklub Standerton 2 Person Team3900:17:46394
157Franco BothaFemale3700:07:20413
298Colin Hill Physio’s 8 Person Team3700:14:42414
10Savage Jooste & Adams Inc. 8 Person Team3500:15:52435
78Pieter StrobosMale3500:16:46434
301Dominic KorbMale3500:17:52434
44Kian KrugerMale3200:14:20466
2354 Shades of Red White and Green School Team3200:20:514610
184Lui lummels 6 Person Team3000:02:084815
226Shane GouldieMale2900:19:00497
88RumSour 6 Person Team2600:16:255016
60Owen SurmonMale2500:18:22518
47Garreth FosterMale2400:18:48529
129Ses van die beste 6 Person Team2300:17:495317
234Guy DionMale2300:14:405310
224Wee Free men 6 Person Team2100:19:395518
172Lourens BeytellMale2000:21:505611
253Declan HohlsMale1900:17:465712
290Lourens BesterMale1700:19:465813
221Wyatt Du PlessisMale1600:16:275914
134Dave CilliersMale1300:14:586015
115Claudius Gey van pittiusFemale1100:24:30614
219Shane NaudeMale800:20:326216
118Grot-otters School Team200:56:376311