PBHS 24hr MTB Relay Challenge - 6 Hour Race - Provisional Results

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Race#Name / Team NameClassLapsBest LapOverallClass Pos
87AffiePlusOne School Team2600:12:5111
93The Coaching Corner junior mens team 2 Person Team2500:13:3121
280Coaching Corner Mens Team 4 Person Team2500:13:2421
218Jeppe Mountain Bike Club School Team2400:13:4542
260Rudi Jansen van RensburgMale2400:14:3641
303Tollig & Co 4 Person Team2400:14:1542
13No Name 1 2 Person Team2300:14:1172
41Swartberg Biking Overland 4 Person Team2300:14:5373
190Michael ChumbleyMale2300:15:2172
144Team JR 2 Person Team2200:13:52103
151Magalies men 4 Person Team2200:14:31104
247Pieter HendersonMale2200:14:55103
299No Name 2 2 Person Team2200:15:55103
98Heinrich HuyserMale2100:15:42144
100Jeppe Mountain Bike Club 3 School Team2100:15:43143
124Fietsry Buddies 6 Person Team2100:03:45141
288Team Spec 2 Person Team2100:16:45145
300The Coaching Girls 2 Person Team2100:15:38145
126Stephan De BeerMale2000:15:53195
179Frederick smitMale2000:13:29195
194Conraadt Van Den HeeverMale2000:14:53195
11Pine Train 4 Team Male1900:09:45221
14Girsl on the move 2 Person Team1900:16:22227
114Jeppe Mountain Bike Club 2 School Team1900:16:44224
245Cheeseburger School Team1900:15:01224
275Sandhaai 6 Person Team1900:15:50222
34Fandamily 4 Person Team1800:15:48275
39Bertus AndersonMale1800:15:27278
91Bertie AndersonMale1800:13:32278
166Anton David SchoonMale1800:18:00278
192MTBeukes 2 Person Team1800:15:54278
214The Vanz 2 Person Team1800:16:34278
217Pedal crunch School Team1800:18:11276
230 2 Person Team1800:18:02278
162ZCG 2 Person Team1700:18:253511
254Family Fun 8 Person Team1700:17:16351
266Lil Jade (Rune) Du PlessisFemale1700:16:58351
35Andre BothaMale1600:19:083811
104#MWL 4 Person Team1600:19:57386
171Suicide squad 4 Person Team1600:19:54386
173Marlene van HeerdenFemale1600:19:52382
174Gus DewranceMale1600:12:413811
178Uprising PBHS 6 Person Team1600:20:19383
193Jeppe Mountain Bike Club 4 School Team1600:20:33387
209Magalies2 4 Person Team1600:17:51386
56Ile SchutteFemale1500:20:41463
69Hermien SinclairFemale1500:18:08463
291CS2 2 Person Team1500:18:474612
29BoisHaai NightRiders 6 Person Team1400:16:01494
49Bergies 2 Person Team1400:16:464913
164Slow speed wizards 2 Person Team1400:20:494913
71Sunnyside Riders 1 School Team1300:12:51528
241Purple Bricks 4 Person Team1300:20:50529
257Ivin GreylingMale1300:15:095213
24Liam ElkingtonMale1200:16:445514
37Hanneri SandersMale1200:22:365514
59Fietsry Buddies 6 Person Team1200:15:48555
180Laurike StrobosFemale1200:20:43555
191lolita nelFemale1200:18:34555
213Sunnyside Riders 1 School Team1200:20:46559
102MDT - MauDreamTeam 2 Person Team1100:16:576115
261Henno Stefan PretoriusMale1100:20:376116
31Graeme PlintMale1000:18:536317
99Joshua HardingMale1000:18:366317
195Marco Du RaanMale1000:15:396317
199Pieter Janse van RensburgMale1000:19:096317
256Herman Le RouxMale1000:20:156317
107reinhart raschkeMale800:17:386822
131Shane BrownMale800:16:186822
20Riaan RobbesonMale700:19:277024
133Hardus BlignautMale700:19:297024
70Ettienne StrydomMale600:16:557226
276Adele Van EckFemale600:26:11727
55Barry ViljoenMale500:26:507427
185Hurricane 2 Person Team500:25:177416
17Ada GreylingFemale300:17:48768
16Layla GreylingFemale200:22:52779