Infinity Endurance 2017 - 6 Hour MTB - Provisional Results

Thank you for participating in this event & well done on your result!!!

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5 = Excellent
4 = Very good
3 = Good
2 = Poor
1 = Very Poor

Race NoNameSurnameGenderLapsOverallCategoryCategory PositionGender PositionAge CategoryAge Position
11ReghardBeytellMale121Open11 1
433Soul Riders 4 Team Male1214 Team Male11Team1
712Shake and Bake Male Team121Male Team11Team1
810GoodwayKeananMale121Open11 1
856Team NoPro Male Team121Male Team11Team1
900WFC Male Team121Male Team11Team1
921Wild Hoggs 4 Team Male1214 Team Male11Team1
1111RuanWilcocksMale121Open11 1
26GTEC Male Team119Male Team44Team4
1217under pressure Male Team119Male Team44Team4
312Ropergricia 4 Team Mixed10114 Team Mixed11Team1
541Recce Rolers Male Team1011Male Team66Team6
589Twee ou Kolonelle Male Team1011Male Team66Team6
850FITTIES & FATTIES 4 Team Mixed10114 Team Mixed11Team1
1010ELECTROLYTES 4 Team Mixed10114 Team Mixed11Team1
47Swamp Donkeys 4 Team Mixed9164 Team Mixed44Team4
425Bush Peddlers 4 Team Mixed9164 Team Mixed44Team4
1071RenierNelMale818Open44 1
1108Team Tontel Male Team818Male Team88Team8
81StephenLeighMale720Open55 1
153Team Short&Sweet 4 Team Female7204 Team Female11Team1
304DylanNelMale720Open55 1
331Fall off Boys Male Team720Male Team99Team9
350PierreMartinMale720Open55 1
1183Team Netfiets Mixed Team720Mixed Team11Team1
1455Are We There Yet Mixed Team720Mixed Team11Team1
22AndreWolmaransMale627Open88 1
1035ColinSmithFemale627Open81 1
1156DavidElsMale627Open88 1
1387Haak & Steek Mixed Team627Mixed Team33Team3
651ByronAndrewsMale531Open1110 1
764NathanHuntMale531Open1110 1
63ElaineNelFemale433Open132 1
318AndreRudolphMale433Open1312 1
578AdeleSwanepoelFemale235Open153 1
954CarleneBourneFemale235Open153 1