Lormar Endurance MTB Tour Day 2 - 29 km - Provisional Results

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Thank you for participating in this event & well done on your result!!!

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Race NoNameSurnameGenderBatchTimeOverallGenderAge CatAge PosPaceNTS Index
879MiaAnfieldFemaleNOT SET01:29:50.811Masters119.37km/h0.00
804TristanSvobodaMaleNOT SET01:30:55.321Sprogs119.14km/h0.00
803VojtaSvobodaMaleNOT SET01:30:58.832Veteran119.13km/h0.00
886MatthewBeukesMaleNOT SET01:33:28.343Sub Junior118.62km/h0.00
880AndreBeukesMaleNOT SET01:33:29.854Masters118.61km/h0.00
875DerickAucampMaleNOT SET01:35:05.565Veteran218.30km/h0.00
874IzeldaAucampFemaleNOT SET01:35:07.572Veteran118.29km/h0.00
826EstelleBuysFemaleNOT SET01:35:10.483Veteran218.28km/h0.00
718VincentLubbeMaleNOT SET01:45:29.796Veteran316.50km/h0.00
815JulieLeylandFemaleNOT SET01:45:53.9104Masters216.43km/h0.00
723LianiGouwsFemaleNOT SET03:03:15.1115Sub Veteran19.50km/h0.00