Mango Mania MTB Race - 70 km - Provisional Results

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Race NoNameSurnameGenderBatchTimeOverallGenderAge CatAge PosPaceNTS Index
645ConradLubbeMaleNOT SET02:50:08.51136 to 49124.69km/h0.00
184RohanBeukesMaleNOT SET02:52:04.02219 to 35124.41km/h0.00
653FrancoisMcgillMaleNOT SET02:52:15.23350 to 99124.38km/h0.00
694DanieMalanMaleNOT SET03:02:36.24450 to 99223.00km/h0.00
795JohnMensterMaleNOT SET03:05:23.65550 to 99322.66km/h0.00
895JacoVisserMaleNOT SET03:08:06.96636 to 49222.33km/h0.00
299TonyPattenMaleNOT SET03:14:47.27750 to 99421.56km/h0.00
589HelgardRedelinghuysMaleNOT SET03:14:54.69919 to 35221.55km/h0.00
672RoelofNiemannMaleNOT SET03:14:54.68836 to 49321.55km/h0.00
328Fanievan WykMaleNOT SET03:15:14.8101050 to 99521.51km/h0.00
602Emilde ClerckMaleNOT SET03:18:47.0111136 to 49421.13km/h0.00
763StefanHornMaleNOT SET03:18:56.4121236 to 49521.11km/h0.00
688SorethaLubbeFemaleNOT SET03:19:23.013136 to 49121.06km/h0.00
634ArnieTreurnightMaleNOT SET03:22:54.4141350 to 99620.70km/h0.00
538JacoBothaMaleNOT SET03:23:29.8151436 to 49620.64km/h0.00
659DarrylDevenishMaleNOT SET03:23:42.6161550 to 99720.62km/h0.00
439JoleneFoulFemaleNOT SET03:28:05.217236 to 49220.18km/h0.00
768MatthewMandersonMaleNOT SET03:31:39.8181619 to 35319.84km/h0.00
509FrancoisJacobsMaleNOT SET03:33:32.1191719 to 35419.67km/h0.00
271DavidRogersMaleNOT SET03:43:10.5201836 to 49718.82km/h0.00
692LoraineJansen van VuurenFemaleNOT SET03:54:27.121319 to 35117.91km/h0.00
759FrancoisPrinslooMaleNOT SET04:07:07.9221936 to 49817.00km/h0.00
637MELANYKROONFemaleNOT SET04:15:48.323419 to 35216.42km/h0.00
628KarlienGroblerFemaleNOT SET04:24:55.724519 to 35315.85km/h0.00