Beauty of the Wolve - 155km - Provisional Results

All time keeping disputes must be logged within 48 hours after the event to This include on-route distance changes, starting in the wrong batch, number swops between friends/family etc

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Race NoNameSurnameGenderBatchTimeOverallGenderAge CatAge PosPaceNTS Index
782JohannSpenglerMaleA08:00:44.011 003:00/km9.00
101ChrisReynekeMaleA08:00:47.022 003:00/km11.48
635StephenTerreblancheMaleA08:05:40.033 003:01/km13.96
690Johan wallisMaleA08:05:41.044 003:01/km16.44
189JeandrePrinslooMaleA08:06:37.055 003:01/km18.92
979PeterBrookMaleA08:38:50.366 003:13/km21.40
126DavidBritsMaleA09:43:38.577 003:37/km23.88
133ShaneVerweyMaleA10:12:58.388 003:48/km26.36
627GerhardtVan RooyenMaleA10:13:02.099 003:48/km28.84
486ArnoRossouwMaleA11:58:48.81010 004:28/km31.32
761WernerLateganMaleA11:59:06.01111 004:28/km33.80
248MichaelVan WykMaleA11:59:10.41212 004:28/km36.28
443KasperBesterMaleA12:26:01.01313 004:39/km38.76