Kaia Manzi Rugged Off Road Tri #1 - Long (18+) 1.5km swim | 26km bike | 6km run) - Provisional Results

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Race NoNameSurnameGenderBatchTimeOverallGenderAge CatAge PosPaceNTS Index
5539HenrySimMale 02:23:33.31140 - 49104:06/km6.00
5533AntonSmitMaleA02:34:28.32240 - 49204:24/km9.18
5538Jo-MariSmithFemale 02:53:49.731Open104:57/km12.36
5540TimStanleyMaleA02:58:46.34350 - 59105:06/km15.54
5536GoefferyDeckerMale 03:10:15.454Open105:25/km18.72
5535GERBRANDTViviersMale 03:23:13.765Open205:48/km21.90
5512KobusDu PLooiMaleA03:27:16.776Open305:54/km25.08
5537ChanelVerzmoterFemale 03:55:27.382Open206:42/km28.26
5534Erasmus AlbertusJansen Van VuurenMaleA04:32:04.997Open407:45/km31.44