Mathaithai MTB Race 2019 - 45km MATHAITHAI CHALLENGE - Provisional Results

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Race NoNameSurnameGenderBatchTimeOverallGenderAge CatAge PosPaceNTS Index
1266JohanBoonzaierMaleA02:11:08.822 120.59km/h12.02
1399AlbyNelMaleA02:16:20.333 219.80km/h34.71
1224JonAndrewsMaleA02:21:34.944 319.07km/h15.05
1293DirkSteenkampMaleA02:22:08.555 419.00km/h33.20
1312DirkStoltMaleA02:35:08.466 517.40km/h18.07
1205MCDippenaarMaleA02:41:14.477 616.75km/h19.59
1316AdriaanDu PlooyMaleA02:46:27.388 716.22km/h21.10
1234QuintinStanderMaleA02:47:36.399 816.11km/h22.61
1245TraceyAndrewsFemaleA02:57:01.3101 115.25km/h24.12
1249TayePerryFemaleA03:09:16.3112 214.27km/h27.15
1214HeinPerryMaleA03:09:16.41210 914.27km/h25.63