Buffellspoort #1 2017 - Trail Run - Provisional Results

All time keeping disputes must be logged within 48 hours after the event to info@bouttime.co.za. This include on-route distance changes, starting in the wrong batch, number swops between friends/family etc

Thank you for participating in this event & well done on your result!!!

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Race NoNameSurnameGenderBatchTimeOverallGenderAge CatAge PosPaceNTS Index
456LeilaniSchefferFemaleNOT SET00:44:51.81130 to 34113.38km/h0.00
332RossMcmurdo MaleNOT SET00:50:33.92140 to 44111.87km/h0.00
390DarrylThompsonMaleNOT SET00:52:48.83235 to 39111.36km/h0.00
492LilandiSwanepoelFemaleNOT SET00:53:22.24225 to 29111.24km/h0.00
413CaitlynThompsonFemaleNOT SET00:59:11.55312 to 13110.14km/h0.00
490FrikkieCronjeMaleNOT SET00:59:21.56340 to 44210.11km/h0.00
412JohnBussioMaleNOT SET00:59:59.67430 to 34110.00km/h0.00
1293KlaasModimolaMaleNOT SET01:01:28.28525 to 2919.76km/h0.00
452SuzanneMaritzFemaleNOT SET01:02:10.99416 to 1719.65km/h0.00
487TimDixMaleNOT SET01:02:55.610655 to 5919.54km/h0.00
276StefanieAshFemaleNOT SET01:03:22.911535 to 3919.47km/h0.00
453ZanelleVan RooyenFemaleNOT SET01:05:13.312645 to 4919.20km/h0.00
734AmandaSamwell FemaleNOT SET01:10:28.413745 to 4928.51km/h0.00
264AdeleenCombrinckFemaleNOT SET01:11:10.114835 to 3928.43km/h0.00
448HiltonCombrinckMaleNOT SET01:11:11.615730 to 3428.43km/h0.00
388HannahDwyerFemaleNOT SET01:14:55.616918 to 1918.01km/h0.00
284ElizabethDlhiwayo FemaleNOT SET01:16:53.7171040 to 4417.80km/h0.00
342LallaMeyerFemaleNOT SET01:36:09.0181150 to 5416.24km/h0.00
495PierreMeyerMaleNOT SET01:36:10.519850 to 5416.24km/h0.00
486Susan BoschFemaleNOT SET01:46:39.1201260 to 6415.63km/h0.00
316AdriaanBouwerMaleNOT SET01:46:42.621912 to 1315.62km/h0.00
294YolandiMeulkeFemaleNOT SET01:46:45.1221335 to 3935.62km/h0.00