Cowhouse Horse Triathlon - 23 km - Provisional Results

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Race NoNameSurnameGenderBatchTimeOverallGenderAge CatAge PosPaceNTS Index
864Evelyn BothaFemaleA01:47:58.411Open104:40/km6.00
1166TracyYoungFemaleA01:49:28.42240 - 49104:45/km7.97
1232Lourensen ZoroMaleA01:51:15.631Open104:49/km9.94
906Willemen RebelMaleA02:08:25.94214 - 19105:34/km11.90
1299Mariliseen GraceFemaleA02:08:32.15314 - 19105:34/km13.87
1221Linneen BonsFemaleA02:11:08.66450 - 59105:42/km15.84
480Meganen RayenFemaleA02:11:10.67550 - 59205:42/km17.81