Cowhouse Cross Duathlon 2017 #4 - Bull Team - Provisional Results

All time keeping disputes must be logged within 48 hours after the event to This include on-route distance changes, starting in the wrong batch, number swops between friends/family etc

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Race NoNameSurnameGenderBatchTimeOverallGenderAge CatAge PosPaceNTS Index
123StephanDe BeerMaleNOT SET02:04:36.22240 - 49104:09/km0.00
1006BrendonDe BeerMaleNOT SET02:04:36.22214 - 19104:09/km0.00
1000CharlesNienaberMaleNOT SET02:12:08.54450 - 59104:24/km0.00
1000JD EksteenMaleNOT SET02:12:08.54440 - 49204:24/km0.00
1022RuanDe NeckerMaleNOT SET02:27:45.765Open104:54/km0.00
1022RianaSmitFemaleNOT SET02:27:45.761Open104:54/km0.00
1NeilCameronMaleNOT SET02:37:08.587Open205:13/km0.00
1033ernstde villiersMaleA02:37:08.58750 - 59205:13/km0.00
1067CheriseSandersFemaleNOT SET02:37:28.9102Open205:13/km0.00
1067Mornede BruineMaleNOT SET02:37:28.910840 - 49305:13/km0.00
1029MalanKotzeMaleNOT SET02:37:52.3119Open305:15/km0.00
1061AdriKotzeFemaleNOT SET02:38:50.0123Open305:16/km0.00
1049lindseydavisFemaleNOT SET02:39:38.5145Open505:18/km0.00
1049Denisede GrootFemaleNOT SET02:39:38.5145Open505:18/km0.00
1063Heidide BruineFemaleNOT SET02:41:00.416740 - 49105:21/km0.00
1063LiezlMacleanFemaleNOT SET02:41:00.4167Open605:21/km0.00
1050henry-johndavisMaleNOT SET02:44:24.51710Open405:27/km0.00