Our History, Passion & Where We're Heading

BoutTime was established during 2015 and originated from a software development company called NCCE(est 2005) with staff who had passion for sport for over 23 years. A simple charity event kick started the whole idea to create our own time keeping software.

Using our existing infrastructure & collective knowledge over the past 17 years we created timing software that will meet our sporting requirements and address the lack of features other timing companies could not offer. Creating reliable cloud-based solutions to offer LIVE results during 2015 were nothing new to us. But why wait to cross the finish line for LIVE results? We moved our system forward in terms of technology to provide our athletes, their supporters & MC's with INSTANT split timing, during the race, on the web, the MC's tablet or smartphone & on the TV's at all our events.

Currently BoutTime has one of the most advanced & innovative Time Keeping & Event Management systems in South Africa with seamlessly integrated entry portal interfaces, Race-Day SignUp App for late entrants, spotters for your MC, Instant TV & Web Tracking at splits(even with Triathlons), Project Management modules, integrated financial system and payment portal interface to name a few. Delivering more than 99% accuracy at events. (Past 2 years we had 100% accuracy rate on MTB & Motocross events)

The drawback most other timing companies have is to address the fact that they don’t own the timing software as it is provided by a 3rd party international company together with the timing equipment or that they don’t have access to a senior software development team. BoutTime has both, we source our equipment & disposables from local companies and the software is 100% South African based!

ICASA Approved

Rest assured, all our RFID equipment, chips, readers & antennas are ICASA approved and operates within the legal SA limits.

We believe, you as organiser won't deliver a substandard event, why should your time keeping company use substandard, illegal or knockoff imported equipment at your event, putting your event at risk?

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Our Software

Scalability: Because our time keeping system was built with diversity in mind, the interface is simple to learn and implement for part-time timers yet robust enough for professional timers. Quickly configure race timing equipment with a graphic interface, and save common race configurations including age group categories and timing points. Rapidly assign bibs based on division or wave, and dynamically distribute race bibs and timing chips during number collections.


Cloud Servers: Our core elastic cloud server is locally based in the Microsoft Datacentre, ensuring ultimate connection speed, with 2x other failover servers in the UK and USA with a switchover delay of 15 milliseconds. This ensures unlimited scalability when needed, personal data being extremely secure & superb and "always-on" performance.

Race Data: Concerned about a strong internet connection at your event? Our Timing System is an on-premise application that intelligently deals with connectivity challenges. Display the results offline and the system will automatically publish the results when you regain signal.


Add-Ons: Its not all about a world class system, its also about the athletes and organiser experience. Our system consists of the following modules.

Meet The Team

BoutTime has offices located in Pretoria, Cape Town & Garden Route, our offices are located in the hub of sporting event venues across South Africa.

Apart from our office staff, our time keeping team consist of over 45 trained staff, some of them who has been working for us for over 3 years with 100's of events below their belt. An A-team you can trust! This trained BoutTime team enables us to manage up to 7 events a day.

I am as passionate about time keeping & technology as I am about sport. We understand all aspects of sports both out of an athletes point of view as well as from a business & organiser perspective.

JanineExecutive Assistant

Janine has 12 years professional business experience and is passionate about planning, managing & ensuring that everything is in place and get completed on time.

WernerGeneral Manager

Werner has been with us since inception and understand both the time keeping aspect & business very well.Successful background in senior management within Operations and Region Management. Demonstrated success at improving sales, profitability by reducing costs and building a knowledgeable team. Experienced at managing operations for BoutTime and with a proven track record of success

SarindaSocial Media

Sarinda has been with Bouttime since the beginning and has built up knowledge regarding the industry and athletes alike. She is a social media content creator and manages our online presence.

LovemoreRace Village Specialist

Lovemore has been with BoutTime since 2016 and are excellent in putting everything together from sound, timing & registration setup and many more.

GautengTime Keeping Team

Our friendly & trained Time Keeping team has been with us for years and will ensure that your event is in good hands.

Western CapeTime Keeping Team

Our friendly & trained Time Keeping team has been with us for years and will ensure that your event is in good hands.

Want to start your own Timing Company or take your existing timing equipment to the next level?

Our ultimate focus resides with the experience of the athletes with software thats is compatible with most timing hardware, we encourage timing companies to use our software to offer participants a great, limitless experience.

Email us at business@bouttime.co.za to schedule a demo of our software.