Services that are included in your package

Entry Portal & Secure Payments

Your event will be listed on our website as well as on EntryNinja, one of the leading sport portals in SA. Our system integrates seamlessly & automatically with EntryNinja, no manual intervention required. Transaction rates from 6% transaction.

Registration & Number Collection

We will handle your number collection & registration for you. We can do pre-registration and number collections days before the event as well as registration & number collection on race day. We manage the queues at registration with designated collection lines in order to ensure easy registrations for the athletes as well as to ensure continuous flowing of ques. No more waiting in line!

Live Splits & Instant Results

We provide more than LIVE results, we offer live split timing on our TV's, the MC's phone or ipad as well as on the web and detailed results SMS's, even with triathlons. Supporters can track how well the athlete is doing by looking at their laps and time with split results while the athlete is still on the route. Instant results are available when the athlete crossed the finish line.


List your event with us and it will be added on our Facebook page, monthly email newsletters to 10’s of thousands of active athletes, daily visits to our website & even by the use of SMS’s. We can customize your newsletter with unique features to make it stand out and to draw the attention of athletes.

Social Media

Our social media team is dedicated to focus on both Facebook and Instagram. When your event is listed on our Facebook page our social media team creates regulated and frequent posts about the event in order to ensure that the athletes are kept up to date as well as to inform them if any changes are to be made by you the organizer. Our social media team also answers all questions asked by athletes both on Facebook and Instagram.

First line support

We personally handle all questions or queries that the athletes might have before, during or after the event. Our first line support system allows us to quickly respond to the athletes without them having to wait on a response. Our online live chat allows us to assist the athletes when entering for the event or any questions that they might have when entering for your event.

On-The-Day Entries

We can accommodate late line entries at any event. There are no time limits, we accept late entries until 1 minute before the start of the event. We have a designated line for late entries which accommodates cash, card, zapper and snapscan.

Timing Chips

We provide our athletes with chips for smaller events but can manufacture custom Race Boards or Bibs with your logo's. We have chips for all discipline’s and distances. We can provide you custom made bibs or race boards with the different distances in order to match the colour or signed marking of your routes as well as to easily identify the athletes especially with larger events. The customised race boards or bibs can also be a unique memory for athletes to take home with them.

Mobile Race Day Sign-Up

With our advanced mobile sign-up app for late entries, it allows us to regulate queues as well as to accommodate organizers with on the time starts. It allows us to cut the waiting in queue times and helps to create a better experience for athletes. With the use of the app we can accommodate any number of late entries.

Vitality & Multiply Rewards

Not only does the athletes compete for a medal, but they can also qualify for Vitality and Multiply rewards. Leave that up to us, we submit the results automatically and the athletes who qualifies simply receive their rewards. These rewards also motivate athletes to compete more frequently in your events in order to receive and benefit from these rewards.

Batching & Seeding

With our seeding partner, National Trail Seeding (NTS), we can batch & seed any event to ensure a pleasant experience to the athletes, no bottlenecks & better safety.

General Advise & Guidance

We pride ourselves in working alongside the organizer, in order to ensure a great event and an experience that athletes will never forget. With all the different variations of events that we have timed, we are more than happy to assist you with advice and guidance that we have acquired over the years in the best way we can to help you with your event.

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Disciplines We Cover

Trail Running Knysna Forest Marathon
Trail RunningFlagship: Knysna Forest Marathon

Knysna Forest Marathon is know as one of the oldest maratahons in South Africa with over 8,000 athletes is a great example of our trail running time keeping ability. We provided customized running bibs for all of the Knysna Marathon athletes and also registered over 8,000 participants.

Run 4 cancer road running
Road RunningFlagship: Run 4 Cancer

The Run 4 Cancer Ultra Marathon showed how our hardware that we use read up to 1,500 athletes per second per system. This shows that the hardware we use allows us to time high volumes of athletes per second. We also assist the organizer in pre-entries as well as late line entries. We handle all participant enquiries related with timing before, during and after the event.

Joberg2C stage race
Mountain BikingFlagship: Joberg2C

Joberg2C one of the top 3 mountain biking events in South Africa and it allowed us to showcase our integrated seeding and batches abilities with the help of our seeding partner, NTS. With the time keeping of these athletes over 9 days it confirmed a flawless outcome with our instant and live results updated with split timing over the 9 days with a 100% read rate, with over 38,000 time stamps.

Vula Road Cycle Race
Road CyclingFlagship: Vula-Vula

With the Vula-Vula road race we have successfully used our video recorded sprint finish. This allows us to record at 60 frames per second camera video of the sprint finish. We did this in order to assist the CSA, riders & organizers with any position disputes. We also make use of both Race Timing Mats and RFID Chip readers, that allows the athletes to race through the finish line without worrying about their results.

Cycle Lab School Series
School SeriesFlagship: Cycle Lab School Series

Our timing system allows us to time school series with super accurate lap times and we are able to automatically and instantly allocate the points for each school. This means that we are one of very few companies in SA to successfully time very fast, mass riders crossing the lap point...instantly.

Lomond Triathlon
Tri & DuathlonFlagship: Lomond

Our timing system allows us to time Triathlons & Duathlons with split timing. This means that we can time the swimming, running, cycling & transition times separately. This allows us to give the athletes their times for the individual categories as well as the combined timing for results. We can also accommodate timing of teams and laps. Our system automatically calculates the times of all categories instantly, which means that results will be available immediately, with result SMS's sent to the athlete's phones, no more waiting.

Lomond Open water Swimming
SwimmingFlagship: Lomond

We provide ankle chipped tags which allows our readers to time the athletes just as they get out of the water. It works the same as our chipped bibs and race boards and allows us to time swimming the same as the rest of our events using seconds/100m averages

Stage RacesFlagship: PE2Plett

After timing the PE2Plett in mostly raining weather it showcased that our timing equipment can withstand any weather conditions. After the 4 days of time keeping the athletes saw consistent and accurate results over the duration of the stage race. Our system allows us to enter teams, split teams, batch & seed athletes, combined timing, stage timing etc. The system’s capabilities is endless if it comes to stage races.

Ultra, 24 Hour & LapsFlagship: The Hour

If we can time a 60-hour endurance event seamlessly it shows that we can time any type of ultra, 24 hour and lapped event. The limitations of your event lie with you the organizer, we can set up our system to record laps and run through any amount of time continuously. We also set up designated areas where supporters and athletes can track their results live.

MotocrossFlagship: Redbull I.C.E.

There are no limits to what our timing system can handle. We put our system through the test, by deciding to time the RedBull I.C.E (Inner City Endurance) motocross event with our system and we can gladly confirm that it was a great successful. A first in the country, we timed the motocross laps and gave the athletes live placing, timing and results on the web, TV’s and SMS’s like we do with all our events. Both the organiser and MC was in aw.

Relay RacesFlagship: Blyde

We also time relay races where teams can enter and compete in the different disciplines. We time each team member individually or together for example swimming, running, and cycling. Our system automatically calculates the times of each team member in their discipline

Event Series & PointsFlagship: Kids Like2Bike

Event series consist of individual events that takes place throughout the year, at the final event of the series points of the athletes are calculated based on a point based system which allows us to give results for athletes as well as allow us to determine the winning High School, Primary School, University Clubs, Clubs National and Provincial results.