Cowhouse Summer MTB Race 2022 - 65km - Long Distance (E-Bike) - Provisional Results

Important Information
  • BoutTime will automatically sent all results to Discovery Vitality on the Wednesday after the event. This will allow athletes to raise enquiries with BoutTime first in order to prevent dealing with Discovery directly(which is more cumbersome).
  • All time keeping disputes must be logged within 48 hours after the event to This include on-route distance changes, starting in the wrong batch, number swops between friends/family etc

Thank you for participating in this event & well done on your result!!!

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Pos Race No Name Name Time Time
Gender Gen Pos Gen Pos
(Cat Pos)
Category Cat Pos Club Pace
1 6443 Colin Upton Colin Upton
6443 Male (Masters)
02:55:53 02:55:53
Male 1 Masters 1 22.86km/h
2 6701 jannie janse van rensburg jannie janse van rensburg
6701 Male (Grand Masters)
02:56:11 02:56:11
Male 2 Grand Masters 1 22.82km/h
3 6660 jan morgan jan morgan
6660 Male (Grand Masters)
03:07:19 03:07:19
Male 3 Grand Masters 2 21.46km/h