Redstone Mtb & TR Challenge - 5 Km Fun Run - Provisional Results

Important Information
  • BoutTime will automatically sent all results to Discovery Vitality & Momentum Multiply on the Wednesday after the event. This will allow athletes to raise enquiries with BoutTime first in order to prevent dealing with Discovery directly(which is more cumbersome).
  • All time keeping disputes must be logged within 48 hours after the event to This include on-route distance changes, starting in the wrong batch, number swops between friends/family etc

Thank you for participating in this event & well done on your result!!!

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Pos Race No Name Name Time Time
Gender Gen Pos Gen Pos
(Cat Pos)
Category Cat Pos Club Pace
1 1142 Carli Botha Carli Botha
1142 Female (Sub Junior)
00:46:14 00:46:14
Female 1 Sub Junior 1 6.49km/h
2 1154 Helana Van Wyk Helana Van Wyk
1154 Female (Sub Junior)
00:54:22 00:54:22
Female 2 Sub Junior 2 5.52km/h
3 1157 Hannelie Van Wyk Hannelie Van Wyk
1157 Female (Veteran)
00:56:44 00:56:44
Female 3 Veteran 1 5.29km/h